Viruly Consulting (Pty) Limited is an independent property economics and consulting firm with specialised knowledge of    African, and more specifically South African, market conditions. This knowledge, combined with Viruly Consulting’s strong insight and interpretation of international analytical tools and trends, results in a solid foundation for independent property consultancy services.


The Viruly Consulting approach is based on the premise that effective property solutions require a multi-disciplinary approach, combined with an in-depth knowledge of market conditions. Our consultancy services rely on extensive property expertise, complemented with specialised input as and when required. We believe that this methodology ensures that our services are comprehensive and benchmarked at the highest possible level.


  • Property portfolio strategy formulation;

  • Rentals, cap rates, vacancy rates and take-up studies;

  • Investment feasibility studies;

  • Property market analysis and site analysis;

  • Property market forecasting and scenario planning;

  • The structuring of property deals (public, private partnerships);

  • Training courses in the field of property economics and investments.

Contact Details:

  • Phone: +27 21 7612921

  • Email: services@viruly.co.za