Technology and Africa

May 1, 2012
Here an example of how technology can leapfrog in Africa.


Some Views on the Nogerian Residential Property Market

April 29, 2012
Here an interesting article regarding the Nigerian housing market.   The sector continues to be negatively affected by difficult land aquisition processes, rent control laws, difficulties in securing housing finance,  and high costs of building materials.
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Nigerian Housing Market

April 11, 2012
The Business Day of Nigeria reports that Nigeria needs 500'000 housing units per annum. The United Nations (Habitat) has reported that the country has a shortfall of some 16 million units. The demand for housing is also being negatively affected by low levels of mortgage lending and Household budgets have also been hit by the removal of the fuel subsidy. Viruly consulting research also suggests that the rapidly changing traffic patterns in cities such as Lagos are having a profound impact on ...
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