About Us



Viruly Consulting  was founded in 1999 and  has undertaken numerous Real Estate Research projects  in South Africa and in Africa. The Viruly Consulting approach is based on the premise that effective property solutions require a multi-disciplinary approach, combined with an in-depth knowledge of market conditions. 

Our consultancy services rely on extensive property expertise, complemented with specialised input as and when required. We believe that this methodology ensures that our services are comprehensive and benchmarked at the highest possible level.

Viruly Consulting has over the years undertaken numerous feasibility studies across the African continent.  Viruly Consulting research is based on significant expertise located in African property markets . It means that our research reflects the views of researchers who live in the markets that they research. This local research is combined with rigorous and internationally bench-marked market research methodologies.



The  director of the company is Prof François Viruly,  a well known South African property economist and professor in Property Economics, Property Investment and Property Finance.

François Viruly is a property economist with over twenty years of experience in the analysis of  the South African Property market.  He lectures in Urban Economics, Property Development and Portfolio Management at UCT in the School of Construction Economics and Management. 

François held the position of Chief Economist at the Chamber of Mines. He was Head of Research at JHI Professional Services (valuations, research and legal services) and more recently Head of School of the School of Construction Economics and Management at Wits University. 

He is a Fellow of RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), past President and now the Executive Director of the African Real Estate Society and is the Acting Chair of the Ethics in Research Committee Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at UCT. 

Professor Viruly has undertaken extensive research into the South African property cycle, the development of township commercial properties, and the application of Institutional Economics to the analysis of property markets in emerging countries. He is a non-executive director of the Accelerate Property Fund. Also acts as expert witness in property related cases. 

Viruly Consulting Policy

Viruly Consulting (Pty) Limited is an SMME (Small Micro Medium Enterprise) that is 100% owned by François Viruly, who is also the director of the company. Viruly Consulting has a Level Four Rating issued by Empowerlogic BEE Ratings.

With regard to issues of empowerment and equity, we have adopted the following multi-pronged strategy: 

  •  François Viruly takes an active involvement in the transfer of knowledge and skills, and action this by lecturing and training. Currently, he lectures at the University of Cape Town. As a corollary to this, Viruly Consulting make use of property students, where possible, in our projects in order to develop practical experience and knowledge. 
  • In terms of employment, Viruly Consulting intends to remain an SMME but is committed to mentoring young black graduates interested in the field.
  •  Viruly Consulting takes the view that, where appropriate, clients are encouraged to include one of their employees on the project team. This co-sourcing approach enhances the client’s involvement on a project, and ensures that knowledge of the project is transferred to one of the client’s employees.
  •  Viruly Consulting has a team comprising one female employee and one male director.