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Viruly Consulting believes that effective property solutions require a multi-disciplinary approach combined with in-depth knowledge of market conditions.

Our consultancy services rely on extensive property expertise complemented with specialised input.

We believe that this methodology ensures that our services are comprehensive and benchmarked at the highest possible standard.


Market Analysis

This aspect is focussed on the preparation of market and marketability studies. While market studies provide an overview of market trends in a study area, marketability studies consider the specific gap that an investment or development will play in a market. These studies also provide the basis and specific parameters for financial feasibility studies.

 Property Economics

The focus of this work is to provide our clients with a deep understanding of national and international property market trends. Our research is focussed on both the residential and commercial property markets and is typically used by our clients for strategic purposes;to assess opportunity gaps in property markets. This theory informs our market and feasibility studies.

Our property economics service also provides the analysis of the economic and employment impact that developments will have directly and indirectly on the local economy.

Education & Presentations

Viruly Consulting is in a position to deliver property seminars and masterclasses. Online or in person, these tailor-made classes focus on both context, theory and application.